Stay Creative, Stay Home, Stay Safe

In an effort to keep those creative juices flowing, our wonderful Criw Celf artists have put together a series of activities for young people to do at home. Each Saturday we will be releasing a new video to keep you challenged and arty during Lockdown. We would love to highlight your efforts at the end of each week, so do send us photos of your creations and we will pop them up on our social media!

We also have activity packs where you can create Zines and Patterns with artist Natasha John, make a charcter from your favourite story with Dr Daphne Ioanna Giannoulatou, or build your very own Box Head Puppet with artist Chris Harrendence.



Activity Packs 

Activity Pack with Natasha John

Create a Character with Dr Daphne Ioanna Giannoulatou

Box Head Puppet Kit with Chris Harrendence


Scratchboard Art with Lucy Donald

 Scratchboard Art How-to Guide


DIY Pocket Zine with Kathryn Lewis 

 DIY Pocket Zine How-to Guide


Casper White Inspired Painting Workshop, with Lucy Donald

Lucy Donald- Painting How-to 

Home(Made) Portrait Lighting Workshop with Dafydd Williams

Dafydd Williams- Portrait Lighting How-to 


Chlorophyll & Anthotype Printing with Dafydd Williams 

Download Chlorophyll Printing Guide

Download Anthotype Printing Guide

Environmental Sketchbook with Sara Holden

Download Sketchbook Guide 

Abstract Painting with Lucy Donald 

Download Abstract Painting Guide

Collagraph Printing with Nina Morgan

Download Collagraph Printing Guide

Picasso Head with Alison Warren

Download Picasso Head drawing guide 

Painting White Objects with Lucy Donald

Download Painting White Objects guide 

Monoprinting with Nina Morgan

Download Monoprinting guide 

Animation with Darren Latham

Download Stop Frame Animation guide

A 100 years of Glenys Cour

A 100 years of Glenys CourAn exhibition

03 Feb - 04 May 2024

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