What We Offer Schools


Gallery Talks

These informal talks last about 20-30 minutes and take place in the main exhibition space/shop. We'll give you an introduction to our current exhibition, a brief history of Mission Gallery and wrap things up with a Q&A session.

Booking Required.

Max 30 Students

Available in Welsh




Art Workshop in Schools

Taking place in your classroom and working with a professional artist, we’ll put together and deliver an art workshop tailored to your students needs. We’ll provide you with all the materials for the workshop. Each workshop lasts for 2 hours.

Booking Required

Suggested Donation £100

Morning or Afternoon



1 Hour Workshop

Taking place at Mission Gallery, these shorter sessions are ideal for groups looking for something new but on a tight deadline. Led by the learning team, we'll work with you to put together an hour of fun. These workshops are inspired by our current exhibition, but can also link in with any modules/themes your pupils are studying. 


Booking Required

Suggested Donation £50


An ode to integration

An ode to integrationMLArt: Melissa Rodrigues, Laurentina Miksys and Joel Morris

31 May - 06 Jul 2024

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