Diversity statement in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mission Gallery resolutely believes that Black Lives Matter. We strive to create an environment and working culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where diversity is valued. Our governance, operational structure, programming and activity are intended to be open to all communities of Wales; including the black Asian and ethnically diverse communities. 

Our Equality and Diversity Policy frames our approach and how we actively undertake our business and interactions. Mission Gallery is committed to diversity in all areas of our work. 

Being inclusive is a core part of our organisation. Inclusivity extends to our board members, staff, volunteers, contracted practitioners and participant groups. It is important that all communities of Wales, including black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities, are represented at Mission Gallery.

Mission Gallery is committed to developing programmes that reflect the diversity of life in Wales. We strive to reflect a range of cultures and sub-cultures through our exhibitions, events and participant projects.

We recognise that there is more we could, and want to, be doing to actively engage our diverse communities. In re-evaluating our output and interactions, we acknowledge that we are not reaching and engaging the breadth of community diversity in Wales. We want people to know that Mission Gallery is an inclusive, safe space for all and that we are looking to grow partnerships, projects and opportunities that will positively broaden our diversity as an organisation.

An ode to integration

An ode to integrationMLArt: Melissa Rodrigues, Laurentina Miksys and Joel Morris

31 May - 06 Jul 2024

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