Shanzay Subzwari and Lauren Heckler

Shanzay and Lauren’s friendship began over Whatsapp audio exchanges over the course of a year and a half as part of British Council Wales’ funded program Llif. / Flow - a project that brought together 5 Pakistani and 5 Welsh artists. Their works are a testament to that friendship.

They successfully applied to exhibit their collaborative work  at WOW Festival Pakistan,  made possible with funding from British Council Wales.

Lauren Heckler | Shanzay Subzwari


Shanzay Subzwari and Lauren Heckler explore collaborative audio experience, fostering a discourse on shared interests in socio political themes, borders, currency and/or consumer culture of Pakistan and Wales.’

Their collaborative audio piece They Send Each Other Love is a 50-minute audio exchange between them on WhatsApp. Both sat in places of natural beauty (in Karachi, Pakistan and Abergavenny, Wales), and moved through a wide variety of topics ranging from their individual experiences, surroundings, cultures and similarities. This piece, with an accompanying audio description text, was first showcased at Mission Gallery, Swansea in January 2023. 

Having mostly collaborated digitally, Lauren and Shanzay were able to meet in July 2023 in Wales. 

Image from WOW Festival Pakistan taken by Shanzay Subzwari



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