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Hire Mission Gallery

Mission Gallery is a truely unqiue venue; it has a rich history, tons of character and great acoustics.
We want to support creativity in the region and welcome enquiries. Each application is considered on its unique requirements and when it takes place; hiring avaiablity depends on our exhibition scheldue. If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact Rhian:


Some Useful Info

The venue can house beween 35 - 45 comfortably, with chairs.
Projectors and audio equipment avaiable.
We can help with the selling of tickets (admin fees applies).


Criw Celf West

Criw Celf WestExhibition

15 Jun - 03 Aug 2019

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Graduate Showcase

Graduate ShowcaseExhibition

17 Aug - 07 Sep 2019

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TracesKate Haywood

21 Sep - 09 Nov 2019

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