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Phillippa WalterThe Wall

03 February - 16 March 2024

Phillippa Walter  lives on the Gower where she works as a linocut printmaker.

Phillippa studied a BA (Hons) in Illustration and painting in Cardiff and The University of Arts Lisboa. After graduating she followed her passion for nature worked as an outdoor instructor, living nomadically across the UK and Europe climbing up mountains or paddling in oceans. However when Phillippa sustained an injury which ended her career and a late diagnosis of Autism which required her re-evaluate her lifestyle, she opted for the slow and peaceful life of an artist by the sea.

For the past few years Phillippa has artistically explored her new home on the Gower, working on a series of Linocut prints that are inspired by the fine detail of woodcut, especially incorporating inspiration from Soviet and 1960s illustration, pushing Lino to its limits and creating illustrative pieces that depict the beautiful creatures that live here, and the relationship we have with outdoor sports.


Image: Leap of Faith, Phillippa Walter

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