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Shaun Jamesthe [...] space

08 October - 10 November 2013

Exploiting potential energies: like the tension of a rubber band or the inevitable drop of an arm under weight provides departure points for my work. I play with new processes as a means to both understand and expand them; leading me forward, creating tangents that evolve beyond their original motivation – shedding and absorbing material as the process unfolds. 

The work I make has no singular direction. Instead I attempt to engage inductively with variables - playing, accumulating and allowing a process to activate, dictate or guide an outcome. My work finds its current resting place between sculptural form and practical tool. These pieces of equipment are schizophrenic: shifting between one thing and another. I designed them to have functions – simple functions like producing a single mark or collecting fluff but in operating them the extent of outcomes is realised. The outcomes suggest new directions and potential futures continuing the notion that the simplest act upon an object or idea can have a resonating effect.

About | Shaun James
Shaun James lives and works in Cardiff. He graduated with an MFA from Cardiff Metropolitan in 2012. Shaun has recently had his first solo exhibition at Milkwood Gallery - Post:Experiments. He was formally a member of the arts collective BRG, most recently involved in the public realm commission - One-Day Collective.



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