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Criw Celf West AlumniRaising the Bar

11 September - 25 September 2021

To coincide with our Criw Celf West exhibition, we celebrate the work of previous Raising the Bar students, who will showcase their development since the programme.

Image: Two Gutted Basses, Ewan Coombs

Image: Suddo'n araf, Serena Williams-Dulley


Serena Williams-Dulley



Raising the Bar Alumnus 2019-2020


The past year I’ve been studying art foundation in Gower college. I’ve had a great time learning new practices and developing my skills. The three pieces of work that are being shown are the outcomes from my FMP project. My research began with the concept of global warming and how rising sea levels will affect coastal communities and the population as a whole as the global situation worsens. I then worked on translating these ideas to symbolism I could use in my portraiture work. I chose to work on fabric that I had naturally dyed myself to create a free-flowing organic feel. I ended up creating two self portraits and a large embroidery piece. I wanted to capture a pessimistic view of the future, which can be seen in the fact that the water is encroaching on me and the hands reaching up, trying to escape the waves. 


Raising the bar really helped to inspire me to pursue art back when I was doing my A-levels, as it broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the variety and opportunities available in the field. It also introduced me to like-minded students my own age, which made me feel less alone in my desired career path. This coming September I will be moving to London to study illustration at UAL. 


Ewan Coombs


Raising the Bar Alumnus 2019-2020


Through an array of masterclasses, Raising the Bar enabled me to develop my confidence as an artist alongside giving me a chance to work with different mediums such as glass, textiles and metal enamelling. My love and enthusiasm for art was only amplified through the masterclasses in Raising the Bar. I continued this passion through to my studies at Foundation Art and Design in University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and one which I hope to take with me continuing my studies there on new challenges in Fine Art (BA). 

In Foundation I researched and responded to several themes, from Survival to Light and Sound. The work of Donald Rodney, Otobong Nkanga, and Zarina Hashmi have been key figures of inspiration for this project; three artists which construct the backbone of my practice. Throughout this year I furthered my knowledge and understanding of art materials, explored temporary sculptural installations, photocopy art, photomontage and poetry. Within this tumultuous time, my work has become more self-reflective, and documenting such moments has made me feel more connected with my practice. 

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