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Process | Foundation Art and DesignMission Gallery Offsite @ National Waterfront Museum

14 November - 10 January 2016

“Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still.”
-Chinese Proverb
Process art is an artistic movement as well as a creative sentiment where the end product of Art & Design is not the principal focus.
It is the significance of the growth & depth of the work as it unfolds, the story that unravels before the artist’s eyes.
This is an exhibition that shows the work of Swansea College of Art UWTSD Foundation students and their response to art as process. The work speaks of how the beauty of process is the Art.

If you would like to know more about the course please visit the Swansea College of Art UWTSD website or keep up to date with Foundation Art and Design by visiting their Facebook page here.

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