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Hannah SharpeThe Maker

12 August - 23 September 2023

Hannah is a ceramist based in Swansea who has developed a contemporary twist on traditional practice. Her work investigates the human form and its conceptual expressions as a central theme, exploring the grotesque, identity, body and sex positivity. The direction of her creative practice concerns combining slip-cast forms with bright colours, provoking the audience with feelings of curiosity and discomfort. 

Her current body of work, Enemy or a Friend? is a celebration of the human form. The sculptures symbolise the unfiltered and unmodified versions of ourselves, with curves, folds and skin imperfections. Every body is worthy of love and acceptance, and it is the least we can give them as they carry us through our life. 



Hannah was highly commended for her work, as part of Mission Gallery's Craft Prize 2023. Mission Gallery's Craft Prize is an annual award for students at Swansea College of Art UWTSD, awarded to a BA or MA student who has developed a refined body of work with retail potential. Selection from students graduating from Design Crafts and Surface Pattern & Textiles.

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