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Criw Celf West AlumniRaising the Bar

11 September - 25 September 2021

To coincide with our Criw Celf West exhibition, we celebrate the work of Safiyyah Altaf. Safiyyah is a previous Raising the Bar student, and will showcase a collection of pieces highlighting her development since the programme.

Image: Safiyyah Altaf; A Wallpaper Visualisation for Major Studies A2 brief, ‘Abstract Form and Foliage ‘


Safiyyah Altaf



Raising the Bar Alumnus 2019-2020

I am currently studying a degree in Surface Pattern Design at Swansea College of Art (UWTSD). The pieces on display are a collection of my artwork, which has been produced throughout my first year at university for my Visual and Major studies projects. The selected work shows my experimentation with mediums such as screenprint, risoprint and cyanotype. Through this experimentation I have found that each technique has it’s own “personality”- from the playful to the surprising. My creative process often starts with collecting imagery from research trips around Swansea- most of which hasbeen inspired by artefacts from Swanseas museums, streets, and charity shops. These pieces are linked and inspired by encounters with nature during these same research trips. I use elements of found text and combine these with natural motifs, to create a poetic narration within my artwork. 

Raising the Bar really helped provide me with the confidence to pursue how I create today. Each unique workshop fostered a sense of curiosity into different pathways within the industry. It also helped me to develop mark making skills, and supported playfulness when translating research into different mediums. The knowledge I gained from communication with Raising the Bar workshop leaders, as well as industry connections, was invaluable to me. Through this I developed a determination to pursue my passion for art.  Overall, I am grateful to have been a part of such a helpful and fun project, as it has encouraged me in so many ways in my current practice as an artist. 

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