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rydym i gyd yn fregus / we are all fragileChris Bird-Jones

28 November - 09 January 2021

Chris Bird-Jones has produced a series of spoon-like forms, both symbolic and sensuous. Interacting with these pieces requires care; to be considered and secure, cradled in one’s arms like a newborn child. One slip and all would be lost, shattered, mirroring the fragility of our human condition, of a life in balance.

The nature of glass, a man-made material, reflects the ideas behind the work. There is a playfulness between light and movement, combined with the myriad magical qualities inherent in all forms of glass. These pieces will be shown alongside moving images, adding layers of reference and moments of context. This new body of work contains the traces of stories, of lived experience, and points to Bird-Jones’ own narrative.

To view a glimpse of the making process, click here

An essay by Stevie MacKinnon-Smith in response to the exhibition rydym i gyd yn fregus / we are all fragile by Chris Bird-Jones.

A short film highlighting the work and the making processes, filmed by Culture Colony, can be seen here

To view Llwyo / Spooning by Chris Bird-Jones on facebook, click here 

Instagram #llwyo 


Images: Chris Bird-Jones and Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

A dark blue glass juicy spoon supported upright with reflection /shadows seen on white surface belowAn image of a bare female torso cradling a dark blue juicy spoon by Chris Bird-Jones

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