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CIVIC@ Cardiff Contemporary

04 October - 09 November 2014

Featuring:  Anna Barratt | Owen Griffiths | Jason&Becky | Bella Kerr

With contributions from: AE101 Collective | Jessica Hoad | Joan Jones | Angela Maddock | Matthew Otten | Sarah Rhys | Karen Tobin | Mandy Warner

Download the CIVIC @ Cardiff Contemporary Timetable

CIVIC is intended as an interrogation of the city, an invitation to propose interventions for Cardiff.

Following the success of the exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea, the project relocates to create a new response in Cardiff, inspired and led by the theme of Reveal/Conceal, through a process of observation and speculation.

CIVIC will create an imaginative, discursive and creative space within the city during Cardiff Contemporary and beyond - before, during and after the festival period.

Mission Gallery wishes to relocate the curatorial model and some of the physical components of the Civic exhibition, shown at Mission Gallery in April/May 2014 and revisit the strategies employed in developing and realizing the original exhibition. This would include the specially commissioned exhibition furniture and a condensed archive, with additional new work from the main exhibitors and original Civic group members, plus visual work and events from other contributors.

The elements of CIVIC will be: 

Visual and physical material within the CIVIC base, using this as a platform and fixed location from which to initiate a new series of events or actions. This will be where partnership outcomes, printed material produced by exhibitors and contributors will be shown, 

Manifestations around the city via public events such as artist/architect walk and talks around the City and also performances and events held at various locations around the city;

An integrated Education Programme is central to the project and will address learning for all ages - through making and participation, alongside an interactive area ‘PLAY – BUILD - LEARN for children and families. 

Download the CIVIC: Swansea Catalogue here: CIVIC_Catalogue.pdf

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Cardiff Contemporary is a Cardiff Council initiative co-funded by the Arts Council of Wales, developed in partnership with Cardiff’s visual art, design and architecture communities.


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