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Potential Endings SeriesThomas Goddard

31 January - 16 March 2012

Potential Endings series

(The Flood, The Iceberg, The Comet and The Flames) 

A series of four simple but ominous animations dealing with the constantly debated threat of global warming. The series, although threatening in what they represent, are drawn in a seductive manner that suggests no threat at all. Each work is shown on a loop highlighting their relentless and unstoppable force and power. The work takes as its starting point the disaster films of the 1970’s e.g. The Towering Inferno and the work of blockbuster director Roland Emmerich, questioning whether a hyper real description of disaster actually affects and mobilises the viewer or whether a more cartoon-like playful representation can be equally alarming. Despite their promise of foreboding in these films, someone always gets out alive. But in my series there is far less hope for mankind, which is in my opinion ultimately a more realistic prospect.


Tom graduated with a (BA Hons) Fine Art in 2004 from The University of Gloucestershire and has since studied Digital Fine Art, Tower Hamlets College, London, graduating in 2006. Solo exhibitions include 1961-1999 at Supersaurus, Swansea, Well, Hello there!, Cheltenham Museum and Gallery 6 & 7, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno. Tom has worked as artist in residence across Wales on projects with Cywaith Cymru such as Holyhead Town Regeneration as well as being commissioned as a free lancer to work with community groups up and down the country.  

His recent projects include the XSC a platform for Cardiff artists to critique and support each other’s work and 11433.83 an International networking exchange between Wales and New Zealand which he directs alongside Jemma Bailey. In 2010 he launched his Cerbyd project taking 10 selected artists on a tour of Wales to forge important links with society by visiting diverse community groups and creating art works in response. Cerbyd was a template for uniting artists through travel, activity, collaboration and dialogue.

Thomas is based in Cardiff, writes for a-n magazine about contemporary art in Wales and works part-time as Learning Officer at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. Thomas recently returned from working on the invigilator plus scheme with Wales at the Venice Biennale and has been recognised nationally for his work in gallery education receiving a Marsh Award for excellence.

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