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Matt CollierJane Phillips Award

13 January - 11 February 2018


A Sense of Here

To conjure contemplation through sound was an artistic goal for this composition; the written word provided the inspiration. A collection of poetry by Pablo Neruda, The Sea and the Bells, drew me in; the poems are full of resonance and the rhythm of waves and bells. This imagery chimed with me having always lived near the coast, the sea is intrinsic to my environment; in all its senses, in all my senses.

Neruda translator William O’Daly writes: “Chilean Pablo Neruda composed The Sea and The Bells by pulling ‘one dream out of another.’ As he was dying, Neruda longed to retreat from life’s busyness and took heightened pleasure in the coastal life surrounding his home at Isla Negra. Sea salt, ship bells, and the rush of waves carried him into meditative states, and his poetry, stripped to essentials, arrived at a grand simplicity.”

I arrived at Aquí with its potent sonic imagery.

This composition is performed and recorded live. It combines spoken word, field recordings, live noises and surround sound to invoke our inherent responses to the constancy of the waves and the resonance of bells. This work is the result of the time, space and encouragement received through being granted the Jane Phillips Artist in Residency Award. This opportunity has enabled the enquiry and distillation of my practice, and has shone a light on the future direction for artistic exploration.

The project has, in no small part, been possible due to the encouragement and support received from Amanda Roderick and Deirdre Finnerty-Davies at The Mission Gallery, Jonathon Powell at Elysium Gallery & Studios, Jason & Becky, and Kath Clewett. A special thank you goes to Barbara Sarmiento Araña at Volcano Theatre for her contribution to the piece.



Matthew graduated from Swansea, UWTSD in the summer of 2017 with a First Class Honours BA Degree in Music Technology. Working predominately with audio field recordings and found sound objects in the creation of sonic compositions, he also employs novel approaches to utilising technology in sound based live performances and installations. 




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