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Here CollectiveSiân Addicott

06 April - 14 June 2019

06 April - 26 April: Kaylee Francis

27 April - 10 May: Chloe Davies

21 May - 08 June: Saba Humayun

09 June - 14 June: All artists


Being in the privileged position of receiving an offer to exhibit at the […] space in the Mission Gallery, I have decided after some contemplation to ‘gift’ the opportunity to three artists less likely to have received such an invitation.  This small intervention is carried out with the aim of contributing to the levelling of net-worked hierarchies, and to form new expectations for the social organism away from power and profit. 

Taking the position of activist-curator, I would like to enhance the volume of some dis-enfranchised voices, voices that more often than not rarely get heard in contexts like public galleries. The idea is to start with a trilogy of photographic perspectives taken from beyond the usual realms, unseen and unheard first-person perspectives on the topics that consume their imaginations. After this showing the three individuals will invite three more marginal but compelling voices into the collective to develop their own network and expand upon their own particular polemics. In turn a further three voices will be added for the Here Collective to continue to grow and to disrupt traditional narratives whilst raising awareness of under-represented artists. 


- Siân Addicott


Image: Untitled by Saba Humayun

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