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Geraint RhysIn the Footsteps of Ghosts

29 September - 14 November 2020

Geraint Rhys is a musician and film-maker from Swansea whose works explores a sense of place. In this film, Geraint goes in search of what it means to others as he interviews one of the leading figures in contemporary Russian art, Pavel Otdelnov. Pavel's work grapples with life growing up in the post-industrial landscapes of Dzerzhinsk, where abandoned chemical factories are numerous and continue to impact the environment which surrounds them. Through his paintings, Pavel explores ideas of loss, nostalgia, family, environmental damage and a deep sense of loss.

In the Footsteps of Ghosts takes us into Pavel's studio in Moscow as he describes to us the inspiration behind many of his works. Geraint's own work including his piece 'Ta Ta Tata' has explored Wales's industrial past and through this film he wanted to not only explore the mind and work of the artist, but also to reflect on the relationship between society and post-industrial places.


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Image Credit: Elena Mihailichenko

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