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Edward Rhys Jones the [...] space

13 October - 17 November 2018

In partnership with Swansea College of Art UWTSD.

Edward Jones is an Artist and Designer working from Swansea and Bristol. Driven by a fascination with modes of representation, simulation and mediation, Edward Jones believes that there is something integral to the material qualities of glass, that can be drawn upon to interrogate our increasingly mediated construction of reality.

Further to an understanding of Edward Jones’ practice are three major concerns:

– Firstly, the seemingly instinctive human drive to represent, replicate and reproduce – in greater and greater, similitude – existing aspects of the physical world.

– Secondly, the relationship between these representations and their origin; or more specifically, the threshold where our lived, physical, temporally unfolding reality meets with an increasingly manipulated, mediated, re-presented, version of that reality.

– And thirdly how these mediated experiences of representations feed back into, and affect our experience of our lived physical reality.

Edward completed a Summer residency at ALEX building, Swansea College of Art UWTSD, and this is the residency outcomes.


the [...] space | Remote View
Site Specific Digital Video

This new work, made specifically for the [..] space explores the liminal zone at the boundary between our lived experience of physical phenomena and our mediated, screen-based experience of remote events. An image of a child repeatedly enters the frame from beneath the screen, jumping, desperately trying to reach the remote control that sits on top of the screen, a ‘real’ object in our physical space. He is destined to remain trapped, unable to reach across the threshold from the world of images into the embodied physical world of objects, and release himself.



About the Jane Phillips Award:

To mentor, nurture and support the professional artistic growth of emerging and early career artists across the Visual and Applied Arts

Launched at Mission Gallery in 2011, the award is intended as a legacy to Jane’s passion for mentoring and nurturing talent, consistently supporting emerging and early career artists across the Visual and Applied Arts in Wales and beyond.

The Jane Phillips Award has been successful and is evolving, responding to the artistic community and forming new partnerships. 

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