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Craft Showcase

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Language of ClayCraft Showcase

02 February - 23 March 2019

To coincide with Ingrid Murphy’s ‘Seen and unseen’, the Craft Showcase table will feature the work of past Language of Clay artists; Anna Noel, Micki Schloessingk, Anne Gibbs and Justine Allison. All the work is for sale and you can purchase previous brochures too. 

Language of Clay is a Mission Gallery Touring Exhibition, curated by Ceri Jones.

I ddathlu arddangosfa 'Gweledig ac anweledig' Ingrid Murphy, mae'r bwrdd Crefft yn cynnwys gwaith gan artistiaid cynt Iaith Clai; Anna Noel, Micki Schloessingk, Anne Gibbs a Justine Allison. Mae'r gwaith ar werth a gallwch brynu'r catalogau hefyd.

Arddangosfa Deithiol Genedlaethol yw Iaith Clai, wedi ei guradu gan Ceri Jones.


Small, colourful ceramics bowls by Anne Gibbs

White ceramic hare by Anna Noel

Tall, porceline vessels by Justine Allison

Small, earth coloured salt glazed cup by Micki

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