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Jewellery ShowcaseCurated by Anna Lewis

09 October - 31 December 2018

Mizuki Takahashi  & Holly Stant 

Anna Lewis is a lecturer at Swansea College of Art UWTSD, a designer maker and a member of the board at Mission Gallery. Anna was asked by Mission Gallery to guest curate a jewellery showcase within our Craft Space – highlighting the work of two very different contemporary jewellers.

We at Mission are in love with this work and we think you will be too – all items are for sale until the end of December so don’t miss out!

Mizuki Takahashi 

Mizuki is an award winning contemporary jewellery artist, living and working in Worcestershire having graduated from Hereford College of Arts.

Practicing in mark-making and playing with paper gives Mizuki simple yet delicate design ideas in her jewellery making. Enamelling is Mizuki’s most recent fascination in her practice, she creates unique mark-making patterns on delicate enamelled copper surfaces using the sgraffito (scratching) technique. Every line she draws is individual and is changed by the firing time in the kiln, giving different results in each project. Oxidised black silver fastenings for each enamelled element are carefully designed and handmade by Mizuki, the black lines cast like shadow lines parallel with the scratched enamel marks.

All of Mizuki’s jewellery creations are unique and one-off pieces. Once a piece is made or during its process of making, it feeds her inspiration to get and grow new ideas for the next project.


Holly Stant

I am a mixed media contemporary jewellery designer and maker from Colchester, Essex. My current work comes from my research into my travels to another country; Switzerland. This country means a lot to me, I have taken many holidays here and hold memories with each trip. If it was not for my Grandparents taking me here when I was 10 years old, I would have never known such a beautiful country existed. Not only does the place appeal to me, but it feels like home, part of my identity. 

My pieces of jewellery are an assemblage of my own imagery, Swiss map symbols and layouts from various maps. I find drawing and collaging key to my practice as it allows me to see what shapes, images, colours and symbols work well together. After collaging various combinations, I then begin to make those is materials which allows me to find out what colours and materials fit together. 

Material testing is important. I need to see what photos transfer well on to what wood and what colours I can bring in to either contrast or match. 

I use a variation of materials such as wood, metal and acrylic, as I find the contrasting combination of textures, colour and surfaces alluring.

My techniques vary from laser cutting and etching to piercing to in-laying. All the materials and techniques I have used come together to tell a story.

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