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Maker in Focus @ Oriel WrecsamKatherine Clewett

23 November - 17 January 2016

Maker in Focus is a showcase of excellence within Applied Art & Design, showcasing work by both emerging and established makers. Based on the ‘Maker in Focus’ space at Mission Gallery, Swansea, Oriel Wrecsam are now working in partnership with Mission Gallery to introduce this programming strand to North Wales.

Maker in Focus @ Oriel Wrecsam: Katherine Clewett - Lighting as Mapping

This work forms part of an ongoing investigation into how specific spaces can be occupied and mapped simultaneously. The subjective nature of mapping allows for alternative narratives to exist in the same place at the same time, an arena with boundaries to test and spaces to explore.

The light is a physical object it occupies space and exists as a means of revealing and describing space. Through its direction and diffusion it illuminates what it wants us to see and the same time reveals an element of the unknown, a shadow within the space.

Through the process of making came the considerations of reusable materials, basic electrical knowledge ‘how to wire a plug’ and how information can be shared. This work represents a new opportunity for me. It offers me a space where my making can engage in dialogue about how concept and package can create a ‘product’.

Katherine has a broad range of skills she has a degree in Sculpture and an MA in Textiles and has been lecturing on Foundation and Illustration at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD for a number of years.

Katherine believes that the use of mapping, pattern making and drawing helps us to extend our vision and offer methods by which information can be stored and evaluated. 



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