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Maker in Focus @ Oriel WrecsamShellie Holden

22 September - 18 October 2015

Maker in Focus is a showcase of excellence within Applied Art & Design, showcasing work by both emerging and established makers. Based on the ‘Maker in Focus’ space at Mission Gallery, Swansea, Oriel Wrecsam are now working in partnership with Mission Gallery to introduce this programming strand to North Wales.

Maker in Focus @ Oriel Wrecsam: Shellie Holden

Shellie's practice seeks to explore the personal and the political, the playful and the poignant.

This piece was originally informed by the area surrounding the Mission Gallery (where the work originated) and it took on multiple associations to do with the passage and passing of time as determined by the flow (and ebb) of water through rivers, streams, the sea, (the fish is a recurring symbol), as well as its domestic use, through funnels, taps, pipes, vessels, and bodily associations.

Whilst preparing this work for collection to the gallery, Shellie started to see another narrative emerge which was triggered by the plight of the Syrians entering Europe. The association to water - crossing the channel, to seek sustenance and security, the shocking images of young children drowned – water as a destructive force of nature but also the last option for survival.

Fish, busts, mounds continue to take on figurative connotations in the work, a look - out tower, ladder and rope to guide, climb, point the way, an open dictionary resting on words to reflect on.


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