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Maker in Focus @ Oriel WrecsamDuncan Ayscough

11 July - 04 September 2015

Maker in Focus is a showcase of excellence within Applied Art & Design, showcasing work by both emerging and established makers. Based on the ‘Maker in Focus’ space at Mission Gallery, Swansea, Oriel Wrecsam are now working in partnership with Mission Gallery to introduce this programming strand to North Wales.

Maker in Focus @ Oriel Wrecsam: Duncan Ayscough

Duncan Ayscough aspires for his work to embody the narrative of its making; to communicate the values of its material and process of making. It is this fluid discourse between process, concept and material, which lies at the heart of his practice. 

Ayscough is particularly interested in moving further from the constraints of the vessel and towards the exploration of pure form in order to extend the dynamic narratives in objects and groups of objects. 

Formalist sculptural values underpin his creative practice, the relationships of interior to exterior and the boundaries that separate them. These values also represent territory he wills to extend, especially in regard to the use of colour, creating heightened contrast between the muted ceramic tones and use of vibrant block colour.

Through innovations such as this he aspires to challenge the audience of his work both perceptually and physiologically in how they experience the artefacts.



Forthcoming Maker in Focus @ Oriel Wrecsam: Shellie Holden


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