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Art & Design Foundation ResidencyJane Phillips Award 2017

01 June - 13 July 2017

The Studio Residency is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience in how to manage a studio for 6 weeks this summer, before moving onto University. For most, it will be the first time they will have had this unique opportunity - complete freedom to display and explore their creativity, ability and imagination in their own space. A chance to experience having an independent workspace away from home. Alongside this, the Digital Residency will provide an online space within the Jane Phillips Award website to display and develop work, ideas and research, while offering support and promotion through our networks. Residencies will take place online between June-August 2017.

The recipients of these residencies are:

Studio Residency Ben Dawson
Digital Residencies ​
Tegan James, Rachael Orphan & Rebecca Mitchell 

Image: Rachael Orphan & Rebecca Mitchell






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