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Abby PoulsonWhat Will Remain Of Us

06 April - 17 May 2019

What Will Remain Of Us

An open call for artists and photographers.
Curated by Abby Poulson.

Mission Gallery is proud to be supporting Abby Poulson as she curates her What Will Remain of Us exhibition. Abigail sets out her vision:

In an age increasingly defined by borders, digital networked cultures have the ability to move across space and time in an instant. 

What Will Remain of Us, is an exhibition that seeks to address the future of digital network culture, and its role not as a passive landscape of echoes and mirrors, but instead as a space to shine light on, and engage with our contemporary human condition. 

We are living in a new geological period, a period characterised by the ecosystems failure, rising sea levels, abnormal weather conditions, climate-led migrations and the ending of many historical assumptions.

What Will Remain of Us, is seeking submissions from artists/photographers whose work addresses these themes in the broadest of senses.     

Mission Gallery will be working with the photography team Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, to provide mentoring and assistance to Abby. The deadline for submissions is 14th of April 2019, for all the details head on over to: 

About Abby Poulson

Abby Poulson studies Photography in the Arts at Swansea College of Art. Her personal practice explores alternative processes of photography to experiment with the materiality and the potential of what a photograph can be. 

‘I’ve always been interested in the ways art can be interpreted and received by a viewer, and how it engages with the space that surrounds it. I look forward to curating this exhibition, and experimenting further with the combination of sculptural installation, still image and technology.’ - Abigail Poulson, 2019.

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