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Owain SparnonJane Phillips Award

02 October - 13 November 2021

Through paint, collage, sculpture and digital media, Owain creates work in response to things he comes across on a daily basis. These can include photographs, landscapes, reflective lighting, sounds and shapes and forms of everyday objects. Owain is intrigued by the idea of layering, unravelling, intertwining, and decontextualising an image, and the boundary between painting and sculpture. The paintings reveal recollections, thoughts, secrets and experiences of his subconscious through colour, remnants, texture and the unknown.



Launched at Mission Gallery in 2011, the Jane Phillips Award is a memorial to Jane Phillips (1957-2011) Mission Gallery’s first director. The award is intended as a legacy to Jane’s passion for mentoring and nurturing talent, working with individuals at every level - offering opportunities to students as well as artists at the beginning of their journey. Opportunities that are further strengthened by working with Mission Gallery’s team, Swansea College of Art UWTSD and elysium gallery.

This showcase is part of a larger exhibition celebrating the success and accomplishments of the previous ten years. 

For more information about the Jane Phillips Award, click here


Image: Amrywiad - Fluctuation, Owain Sparnon

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