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Lucy DonaldPrint Wall

18 September - 09 November 2019

In this series of prints, I have been experimenting with Aizure-e style Mokuhanga, traditional Japanese woodcut printmaking techniques and in particular, Fukibokashi and Futa-iro bokashi applications of colour. 

My own adaptation of these techniques has enabled me to explore a freer approach to applying pigment on a woodblock. I particularly like the fluidity of the colour through the use of brushes which creates an interesting contrasts with the rough texture of the wood.

I am inspired by and enjoy researching Welsh history. I am interested in images and motifs which I feel resonate with my own family’s part in industrial history, how our ancestors shaped the Wales of today and also its people.


Japanese Printmaking terms:

Mokuhanga Japanese woodblock printmaking

Aizuri-e prints made using predominantly blue and sometimes red

Approaches to applying ink:

Fukibokashi gradations of ink area applied to the printing block. 

Fits-iro bokashi  two colours are worked toward each other on the block

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