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NonThe Maker

06 August - 10 September 2022

My current practice explores themes of cathartic expression through embracing queer failure, this notion being that a queer existence is comprised of unavoidable failures. Personal issues are used to drive my work, making abstract depictions of fears and failures I experience. Self-portraiture and installation - exhibiting time and emotions passing, vulnerability and textile experimentation - narrate confines, emotions and reflections of social pressure.

Through the medium of tufting and textiles, I explore how variations to depth and texture can convey emotion and inspire tactile curiosity. My use of colour cathartically portrays emotions experienced at the time of creating. The natural earth toned palette further accentuates the rawness and vulnerability felt when making these works.

The direction of this work explores a 3-dimensional installation of a failed world, allowing for intricate designs and ideas to develop. Creating an interactive, tactile exhibit for the audience to manipulate and engage with through entering - therefore becoming part of the illusory realm.

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