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Nick Davies, Sasha Kingston & Jayne WalkerThe Maker

24 July - 28 August 2021

Nick Davies, Sasha Kingston and Jayne Walker sought an artistic partnership for their similar aesthetic approaches and phenomenological principles relating to the evolving landscape. 

In an ever increasing technological world where we so rarely stand still and observe our surroundings, the theme of creating a sacred presence becomes more relevant than ever. With this in mind, Nick, Sasha and Jayne aim to create mindful installations intended to encourage observation and re-engagement with our natural surroundings.


Nick Davies

Nick’s arts practice is informed by nature and therefore it is her aim to look at reintegrating nature into art through capturing the energy and rhythm of the natural world. Inspired by the landscape, her coastal environment is fundamental to her practice as a visual artist. Constructed clay forms inspired from organic shapes, or found natural objects (pebbles/rock strata) that are cast with plaster, have focussed her attention to looking at the more physical aspects of fragility and strength in the natural world. 

Nick’s readings led her to the subject of ‘hag stones’ (stones with holes) and the spiritual beliefs associated with mystical stones possessing healing properties and used as protective talismans. The concept of exploring view points seen through a cylindrical aperture of an ancient holed stone has captured her imagination and in turn has raised a curiosity of how geology,archaeology, spiritualism and art are interconnected.


Jayne Walker

Thoughts about landscape reflected in a body of water has been a key inspiration to Jayne. Themes of mindfulness, stillness and healing reminded her of a reflection in a mountain lake in North Wales, which gave her a sense of calm and reassurance after hearing of a family bereavement. Ancient peoples believed that water was a sacred and healing force and the reflective surface was a way through to the “Otherworld”. She has therefore wanted to make works which highlight the mirror image, thus showing the restorative and contemplative nature of a reflection within the landscape 

Jayne is represented by Gallery 57 in West Sussex.


Sasha Kingston

Since Sasha's postgraduate research on Constructed Textiles at the Royal College of Art she has continued to develop and be inspired by the manipulation of paper pulp as an artistic medium.

During the intuitive creative process images begin to emerge which are abstracted in imagery, minimal in content and direct in feeling. Inspiration starts with field based studies involving mixed media drawing and photographs, followed by detailed sketchbook work

in her studio which elaborates, interprets and develops images. This entails papermaking, printing and interpretive marks and movement of line within isolated areas. Her extensive recording and comprehensive images in her sketchbook form inspired precursors to her final exhibition work.


Image: High Plateau, Jayne Walker

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