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Marek LíškaThe Maker

07 May - 18 June 2022

Ceramic avant-gardener; craftsperson, sculptor. 

Born in Slovakia, Marek trained and is based in Cardiff. As a ‘ceramic gardener’ Marek produces objects through sympathetic and playful interactions with clay. Rendering the inorganic material live. Producing sculptures and paintings cultivated into varied forms. Abstract self-portraits of their interactions with the world - creating and digesting.

They look at growth that is fluid, protean, and transformative. Capturing the transparencies of our physical and emotional worlds.

Rooted in tradition, Marek predominantly uses primitive clays and building techniques, in combination with traditional as well as experimental surface treatments. These allow them to harness certain rawness; accounts of our early primitive cultivation of either organic or inorganic thoughts and materials. The objects bridge the gap between art and design, sometimes functional, sometimes installation.

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