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Katherine ClewettMaker in Focus

13 January - 15 February 2015


Lighting as Mapping


'The subjective nature of mapping allows for alternative narratives to exist in the same place'. 

This body of work forms part of an ongoing investigation into how space can be mapped by light and create an element of ‘occupation’. Light seems transient and also physical since it maps shapes across spaces. Through its direction and diffusion, it illuminates and yet also casts shadow. These shadows can seem mysterious, even menacing, when the object becomes distorted and magnified. This might transport us into the realm of the unfamiliar and unknown, which seems a precarious and mystical place to occupy.

Through the process of making, the value in re- using materials and an understanding of basic electrical knowledge became considerations that could be shared. Furthermore, it enabled Katherine to think firstly about concept, then secondly about commodities, so that these pieces can offer a solution for contemporary living as commercial products. With this in mind, she has developed a range of packaging to contain the pieces.

In addition to the pieces she has on display here, Katherine is also able to discuss commissions and further projects.

About | Katherine Clewett

Katherine Clewett is a lecturer, sculpture, designer and maker. Her interest and skills with materials spans the traditional and more unconventional modes, enabling her to engage with form, process and the design process.

Katherine has a degree in sculpture and an MA in textiles and has been Lecturing on Foundation and Illustration at UWTSD for a number of years.

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