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Angela MaddockMaker in Focus

12 May - 14 June 2015

Mothers are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Angela Maddock is particularly interested in how we might use craft practice, especially knitting, to question ideas about our relationships with things and with each other. This current body of work focuses on the tools of making and unmaking in relation to the transitional space described by Donald Winnicott. Angela interprets the space between mother and child as a holding space, a place of nurturing and attachment, but also one of greed, obsession and desire. Here she plays with the material function of scissors and needles to suggest a space that is playful but also formless, overwhelming and potentially smothering.

About | Angela Maddock

Angela teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at UWTSD, where she is pathway leader for the MA: Contemporary Dialogues in Textiles. She is a PhD by practice researcher in the School of Material at the Royal College of Art, where she is also a visiting lecturer.

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