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Alastair DuncanMaker in Focus

09 March - 01 June 2019

Alastair is an artist working with tapestry weaving and digital media. He has lived and worked in Wales since 1983 and has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and the U.S.

Having completed many major commissions for the UK and Ireland corporate sector, Alastair is also well known in schools across South Wales for his projects in design and weave and interactive digital media.

Frequent themes in Alastair’s work are those of conflict and communication. He is currently collaborating with Simon Kilshaw at UWTSD Swansea College of Art on an Arts Council of Wales funded Research and Development grant to bring audio interactivity to his work using tapestry weaving, metal and sound; asking the audience to interconnect with the work through proximity and touch.

Alastair’s work with sound is based on field recording and is an essential element of his creative business StillWalks® which uses sensory perception of the environment to address issues of anxiety, stress and wellbeing.

His work is included in the British Tapestry Group exhibition “Sound and Weave” showing in the Dynevor Building of Swansea College of Art from 9 - 31 March.

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