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Cekca Het: Trans PanicRhiannon Lowe

16 July - 28 August 2021

Booking is not essential, but if you would like to book your visit, please click here

Performance | 6.30pm Thursday 12 August 2021 | To book your place for this live performace by artist Rhiannon Lowe, click here


Rhiannon Lowe (she/her, born in Yorkshire, lives and works in Cardiff) is a performer and maker, often using decorative, constructed, domestic spaces as a home in which to stage performances and hang her work. She is also a writer, has curated and organised exhibitions, and performs at sound events. She studied at Lancaster, Birmingham and Leicester. 

Rhiannon is currently on the Freelands artist fellowship programme at g39, Cardiff. Earlier this year, she was awarded a grant from ACW to research her project Cekca Het, a performative persona and programme of new work, working towards an exhibition at Mission, Swansea. 

Cekca Het explores trans identity and community, and Rhiannon’s struggle and delight (psychological and physical) in negotiating her gender and sexuality. The project centres around an exhibition with accompanying events looking at wider trans-specific themes including exclusion, sensationalised media attention, abuse and inequality. 

The exhibition installation will draw on Rhiannon’s exploration of the performative role of gender and the tracing of her past to find clues as to where she now finds herself, using a mix of sound, multimedia installation, text, textile, drawing, print and ephemera. 

Cekca Het shines a harsh light on Rhiannon’s dashed hopes for transition perfection, leaving her to wallow and wail amongst her love of and experiments in noisy music and the ruins of her imagined career in a band. 



Image: Trans Panic merch logo (version), 2020

All works by Cekca Het/Rhiannon Lowe


Please be aware of the following prior to visiting the exhibition:

  • This exhibition contains flashing lights and imagery from different directions and at varying heights.

  • Please keep to the walkways in order to avoid any trip hazards.

  • We strongly request that you do not touch the cabling or equipment, some of the equipment may be hot.

  • There are fragile and breakable objects, please do not touch.

To view our Risk Assessment for the exhibition, please click here



Trans panic zine cover promo print, includes two black and white vintage clothing images of ladies wearing pyjamas, and an image of artist wearing studded glasses
cekca het promo. An image of merchandise behind glass and reflected in mirror at back of cabinet

cekca het promo poster, a part of the artist's face can be seen looking into camera with a man in the background holding a 'burn in hell' placard

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