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Captured MomentsRhian Hâf | RCC Touring Exhibition

23 January - 13 March 2016

‘Rhian Hâf’s work entices you with the subtle beauty of light and shade. It forces you to really look and appreciate qualities of the built environment you could so easily miss. The installation is a seamless synergy of craft, architecture and design.’

 -Angharad Pearce Jones, Artist and selector for Y Lle Celf 2015 


Captured Moments is a study of refracted light. The lit glass pieces catch shadows as they fall. Precision polished
glass is housed in an intricately designed installation. This offers viewers seemingly transient impressions, of light
through glass. Rhian captures these shifting effects and gives us the chance to appreciate, question and enjoy what we’re seeing.

Exploring glass’s inherent ability to transmit and absorb light, Captured Moments presents a series of individual pieces capturing shadows and refracting light. The primary elements and focus of Rhian's process, involves translating and developing personal observations of silent, transient moments; the play of light and shadow within architectural spaces or a reflection projected on to a pane of glass. Incorporating photographic research, drawing and expanding further she captures these fleeting moments and uses them as a basis to develop into a body of work.

Recent gold medal winner for Craft and Design at the National Eisteddfod 2015, Rhian’s work explores the inter-relationship of glass and light. Her investigation into the properties of glass is leading her to discern a broader design potential.


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