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Artists RollsArtists working on 35mm Film

18 February - 22 February 2006

Pat Briggs  Paul Emmanuel   Neale Howells   Roger Moss   Marc Rees 

Martin Berczelly   Katherine Murphy  Sian Rees  Tim Stokes  Fern Thomas 

This exciting project, part of the celebratory Swansea Shines/Tanio Tawe event, refers back to the origins of cinema, to the ‘pure cinema’ developments of the Futurists and Dadaists and specifically to the work of Survage, Eggeling, Ruttman, through to McLaren and Brakhage.

Nine artists were invited to create moving ‘paintings’/ ‘artists rolls’ (or circular paintings) directly onto 35mm celluloid film stock.  The theme of Swansea Shines/Tanio Tawe is ’Positive not negative light’ and the successful artists were encouraged to explore this basic idea/premise.

The commissioned as artists are a mixture of established and emerging artists who live and work in the Swansea area.


Gallery Talk: Midday Saturday 18 February 2006  

Some of the artists talk about their work and the show            


Artists Rolls is funded by the Millennium Commission through Arts About Swansea



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