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The Tension Between UsJason & Becky

12 March - 12 March 2013

7pm Tuesday 12 March 2013

The Tension Between Us is a sound-based installation with performance by collaborative artists Jason Cartwright and Becky Williams.

A translucent cube sits in the centre of the room. The sounds of two voices echo around the space. They seem to argue, but their dialogue is not related. Inside the cube, two hooded figures sit amongst a selection of electronic devices. Blue and red lights shimmer through the translucent walls. The figures begin to respond to the voices around them. They begin to interact with the electronic devices inside their cocoon-like structure, pushing buttons, twisting dials. The noise is melodic, unsettling, hypnotic, confusing. The viewers endurance is challenged as the sound builds and builds.

Initiated as part of a 2012 residency with Swansea-based artists collective Supersaurus, The Tension Between Us evolved following a period of research into hierarchies and order within societal groups. 

Much of Jason & Becky’s collaborative practice challenges social interactivity and often invites viewers and participants to rethink their relationships to one another through interaction with both the work and each other.

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