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Nightswimming Curator's Talk

08 September - 08 September 2018

2 - 3pm | All Welcome | FREE

'During a research trip to Berlin, I picked up a book called ‘Nightswimming: Discotheques from the 1960s to the Present’, 2015, by Chiara Carpenter, Giovanna Silva and Wayne Daly. This history of dance clubs, looking at them anthropologically and as an architectural phenomenon, made me reconsider how people at clubs activate a space.  I was interested in the way individuals spark connections and create dialogues, both hostile and through friendship.  Individuals’ proximity within the club, the swell of mass, the singular actor as a part of a whole – these dynamics intrigued me and I wanted to recreate these interactions through artists’ work.  I wanted the paintings to act similarly, to pass by each other, affect perceptions and preconceived ideas of painting.  I wanted some works to be close to each other, while some works cut through the crowd looking for acquaintances.  This show,like a club, inhabits the night, where questions can be asked without the light of day, where decisions can be questionable.

Nightswimming - entering the dark water –uncertain, slightly afraid but open and with others close.'

An opportunity to enjoy this magnificent exhibition with the curator Liam O'Connor and to gain further insight into it's context before it ends.


Image Credit: Joseph Moody


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