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'From an Elsewhere Unknown'Nigel Meager

28 February - 11 March 2005

Clase  |  Cila  |  St. Thomas |  Glyncollen  |  Mayals | Ysgol Llwynderw  |  Waun Wen |  Knelston

The Ffotogallery Touring Exhibition 'From and Elsewhere Unknown' by Sian Bonnell, was on show at Mission Gallery from 22 January –12 March 2005

Pupils from 8 Primary Schools in the City & County of Swansea, visited the exhibition and worked with the artist and art educator Nigel Meager between Sian Bonnell's photographs are displayed as light boxes. The images are backlit and glow with a mysterious energy. The large-scale photographs are of ordinary household objects, which are transformed in various ways. The resulting images could almost appear to be extra terrestrial.

During these half-day workshops, children had an opportunity to talk about the images and make drawings. They were also asked to set up their own photographic still life using objects such as toys. Children completed the workshop by taking their own digital photograph. The school received these digital images on CD plus a colour print of each photograph for display.

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