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Beverly Bell - HughesMaker in Focus

20 July - 14 September 2019

Each day is a journey of looking and experiencing nature, of how mother earth presents herself to the world. Marks left in the sand by the receeding tide, sharp and clear, to deep gullies or smooth. Items thrown up by the tide, battered by storms. Different seaweed flowing in ribbons. The erosion of surfaces be they shells, rocks, driftwood or bone .

An intuative process of making, and pinching of clay; my work is made using flattened coils of clay into which other materials are added to change the surface texture, clays and sands.  The work is pushed and pinched causing crators and holes.

The work of Beverley Bell-Hughes has been selected by Disability Arts Cymru.



About Disability Arts Cymru

As a lead organisation for disability and the arts in Wales, Disability Arts Cymru has 35 years experience delivering a range of artistic support and creative advice; specialist training programmes (Disability Equality Training & Mental Health First Aid); and professional development opportunities for our members. We currently support approximately 400 creative practitioners working across Wales.


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