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the [...] space

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Katharine Frythe [...] space

12 January - 21 February 2016

For the [...] space Katharine Fry presents new video works that reveal a number of perspectives on time and lived experience.

K works, often with her multiples, to try to escape time. She falls and she slides and she turns and she hides. She tries to push her way through memory, to find a line of flight out of the middle of time, only to be bound to be bound to time. Frustrated by her failures, K asks -.- to build her a time machine.

To satisfy K’s demands -.- must first understand how time functions. She takes a single event, the demolition of Glencairn Tower, and manipulates its temporality in a number of experiments. Experiment 3 interrupts succession with a non-human temporality. There is no arrangement of moments over time, no way of discerning cause from effect. Everything is happening.


To view the work, please click here

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