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8 April - 4 June 2017

Annie Thibault & Gemma Copp • Curated by Celina Jeffery

Situation/Material/Ocean' presents a series of studies that explore the perception and sensibility of coastal materiality. 

Gemma Copp, a Welsh artist whose work is animated by the coast of Swansea, and Annie Thibault, a Canadian artist who frequently engages with the biology of aquatic life, present assemblages of fluid materiality and matter drawn from the sea and configured in series of studies. Both artists consider material forms in terms of their relationality: salt, algae, plastic, and seawater come together and begin to question and problematize distinctions. At times unexpected and ambiguous, these explorations of the micro and macro sensibilities of salt water encompass the ethics of environmental degradation: material waste, geological erosion, and the seemingly endless yearn to connect with non-human life. Placed together, the work of Copp and Thibault also situates these vastly differing coast lines into connection, creating hybrid configurations of aquatic life. 


Stuart Cairns

Maker in Focus
23 May • 25 June 2017

My practice is concerned with the landscape, investigating a sense of place through collection, documentation and material manipulation. It springs from the draw of pieces of driftwood, certain shapes of stones and odd bits of rusty metal.

Lee Williams

the [...] space
23 May • 25 June 2017

Based in Port Talbot, working in a broad interdisciplinary practice including painting, printmaking, sculpture, the moving image and ever emerging technologies, Lee Williams enquires into the creative potentials of the narrative structure by tracking and recording industrial flotsam. 


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