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Ingrid Murphythe [...] space

07 January - 16 February 2014

Ingrid’s own research and practice deals with the synergies between traditional skills and new technologies.  She explores how both the application and ideology of new technologies can influence the ways in which we conceive, produce and perceive the crafted object.   In 2010 she was a recipient of the Creative Wales award for individual practice. 

Ingrid currently works with historical ceramic artefacts and uses augmented reality, 3D scanning and 3D printing as well as traditional ceramic processes to  both physically and digitally hack  these artefacts,  Ingrid’s work attempts to animate the inanimate,  and provide the viewer with a different experience of the familiar, to do this,  she plunders ceramic history to make new and interesting  contemporary narratives, that also speak of traditional craft values.

About | Ingrid Murphy

Ingrid Murphy was born in Co. Cork, Ireland and has lived and worked in the UK since 1990.

Ingrid is a practicing ceramic artist and educator whose work is exhibited and published internationally.   Having worked in Art & Design education for over 20 years, Ingrid is passionate about teaching, and has spoken at many national and international conferences on innovative practice in teaching and learning.

From 2007 – 2013 Ingrid was Head of Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, which is one of Europe’s largest and long established ceramic departments.  Influenced by her own research in 2011 Ingrid developed a curriculum for trans-discipline making, which specifically explores the combination of traditional skills and new technology and she now leads the new Artist, Designer: Maker subject area within the university. In 2013 Ingrid was awarded the University’s student – led Teaching Fellowship for Innovation.

As well as living and working in the UK, Ingrid works and teaches in the La Perdrix Studio, Dordogne France.  Since 2007 Ingrid and her husband Johnny have developed La Perdrix as a hub for creativity. Here they have developed a series of experimental workshops, residencies and exhibitions to support and enhance artistic creativity both for the local community and international artists.

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