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Fire Green as GrassA short film of Osi Rhys Osmond reflecting on his life

16 June - 02 August 2015

Full film will be premiered as part of the Swansea International Festival in October 2015.


Credits | Cameras: Andy Cole & Lyndon Jones | Interview: Bella Kerr | Producer: Lyndon Jones


“I think what the Foundation course brings to the student and teaching staff alike is that we enter a white room – there is no knowledge in that room, only the knowledge we contain. The knowledge that we acquire has to be sought after, refined, examined, criticized, modified.

I say to my students: If you were studying medicine or architecture you would go into a room full of books – it would all be there, the answers would all be there for you.

But this is about you and you alone – you in relation to the discipline. You have to find your own way through it, your own path – you construct the knowledge. The knowledge is made with us, with you, with each other – in a way that doesn’t happen on any other course. Art is unique in this sense”.

Osi Rhys Osmond 1942 – 2015
Lecturer, Foundation Studies, UWTSD, Swansea 1996 – 2012

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