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Circles and SquaresChris Bird Jones

17 September - 03 November 2013

In Chris’ cupboards you will find, amongst other things, lots of glass. Glass has been her primary material of choice for many years. Taking some of these pieces out of her cupboard and placing them in the space at Mission Gallery will give the opportunity to re-view this work, tracing the route it has taken leading to this point now. 

Chris sees this as an opportunity to reflect on her work, explored over the years,   working in glass and light. There are clues, shapes, images and forms, patterns emerge..... the comment book is a key part of this process. Chris is inviting gallery viewers' to respond to the work she shows and comment on it.

About | Chris Bird Jones

Chris Bird-Jones MA[RCA] exhibits nationally and internationally, has work in public and private collections, and is a key member of the Women's International Glass Workshop. Her research explores the kinetic phenomena of light combined with glass; it's influence on our emotional and physical being is the basis of her practice-based PhD study. Since 2006 she has been collaborating with visual artist and film-maker Karen Heald.

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