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My BadBedwyr Williams

17 November - 06 January 2013

Mission Gallery, in partnership with Ikon and Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, are delighted to present this new exhibition of work by Bedwyr Williams, his most comprehensive show to date.

My Bad is comprised of entirely newly commissioned installation and sculptural pieces, transforming Mission Gallery’s space. The work marks a departure from the artist’s previous concerns with Wales and ‘Welshness’.

Williams observes the world with a sharp eye and wry humour. His work includes a wide range of media, including performance, sculpture, painting and photography. Drawing on his own personal narratives and family histories - from school days in a North Wales farming community to his experience as artist-in-residence - Williams has become known for sculpture and performance work reflecting on rural life, loss, memory and the folly of ambition. Through the flamboyant costumes of his multiple artistic personae, we catch a glimpse of self-revelation, a command of cultural and art-world mythology, as well as a gently sardonic reflection on the human condition.

My Bad is a collaboration between Ikon and Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, in partnership with Mission Gallery. It is supported by The Henry Moore Foundation and the Arts Council of Wales.

A publication and limited edition accompany this exhibition.


Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is currently closed for redevelopment and this project is part of the gallery’s Offsite Programme.

My Bad will open at Ikon Gallery on 16 May and continues until 8 July 2012

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