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Lyrical One: Think Like BasSam Hasler & Laura Reeves

01 October - 01 October 2014

7pm Wednesday 1st October 2014


An evening of artworks and readings by Samuel Hasler and Laura Reeves.

The title of this event comes from a note on Laura’s studio wall, referring to the peculiar and distinctive work of the conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader. We’ve been talking about what it means to ‘Think Like Bas’, looking at Bas Jan Ader as a role model for a fearless and intuitive approach to art making. We’ve also been looking at Bas Jan Ader’s presence in his artwork, his eventual death within his artwork, and the mythology that this creates. This has led to us talking about a set of moral tensions between fictionalising ourselves, telling the truth about ourselves, and mythologising ourselves.

The event is a continuation of these discussions and a presentation of artworks that have a place within them.


This year marks the centenary of Swansea’s prodigal son, Dylan Thomas’, birth.  ‘Lyrical One’ is a collaborative project organised by Mission Gallery and Snug Projects which will take place throughout October 2014. It will comprise of a number of workshop and forum-based gatherings of both students, amateur and professional poets and musicians.



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