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Maker in Focus

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Pop Up ShopMaker in Focus

19 November - 11 January 2020

Design graduates who have studied in diverse specialisms linked together by their passion for surface pattern. As designers, they are very diverse, using different techniques and resources to construct a final product. A strong sense of textiles runs through their work and design processes, connecting them.

They have come together as a creative group to help influence and drive each other on to new projects. 

Nature’s beauty is a theme that is touched upon in all their work, mostly because of the area they live in, surrounded by the coast and the Gower. It is always pleasantly surprising them with its natural beauty and continuously shaping the way they think.

Melissa Payne 

I’m an artist-maker, specialising in mixed media (enamels, woods, glass, and ceramics).  I am very excited to be involved with this Maker in Focus at Mission Gallery, developing new pieces. Having grown up next to Three Cliffs Bay in Gower, an area of outstanding natural beauty, the sea with its lovely marina and varied coastline, I tend to mix landscapes with waterways. 

Carly Wilshere-Butler

There is an essential interconnectedness, and an important empathy needed between us and the world of nature around us. Conservation is an area which is very important to me, and often feeds into my work particularly the plight of pollinators. On recent projects, I have worked closely with scientist from Dr Beynon’s bug farm and the national botanic gardens.  My practice is an exploration of how a small and quiet voice may contribute something significant to a society which values an ostentatious discourse.

My design work is very much drawn from alternative darkroom photographic processes. The content is drawn from nature’s unsung beauty, and my fascination with fragile, ephemeral. I attempt to record or freeze them before they fade. I use a variety of techniques and materials including glass, metal and enameling. Recently I have been experimenting with creating pieces that are multisensory capturing sound, touch as well as being visually stimulating. 

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