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Alana TysonMaker in Focus

21 June - 31 July 2016

Alana Tyson’s work attempts to make sense of the world she inhabits. Her uncertain questioning of diverse thematic concepts is a tactic for working through the problems she encounters and she is drawn to dualities and incongruities.

Started whilst Artist-in-Residence at Ruthin Craft Centre in 2015, Tyson’s series of crochet and concrete sculptures attempts to document and confront the desire, frustration and failure of motherhood. The material juxtaposition within Tyson’s work transforms the mundane into the visceral while also questioning existing connotations between fine art/craft and masculine/feminine. The crochet nets exemplify Tyson’s interest in the transformative aspects of textiles to physically and emotionally act as carriers of meaning in a personal and political way.


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