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Mission Offsite ProjectsRhian Wyn Stone | Strands | Jamie Hill Salon

08 May - 30 June 2012

Mission Gallery and Jamie Hill have partnered to provide an opportunity for the professional development of individuals looking for curatorial experience.


Rhian Wyn Stone
Rhian Wyn Stone is an emerging Swansea based artist whose work is influenced by the notion of becoming distinct within a world of uniformity. It is an exploration of the contrast between a social and individual ideal, where imperfections are not seen as flaws, rather as characteristics; these unwanted and unplanned details become the ideal, more perfect than the initial design to start. Through large and small scale installations, Rhian Wyn Stone creates continuous figural strands using soft iron wire.

Drawing inspiration from people who come and go in life, individuals are drawn whilst going about their daily routine; these are then developed and simplified to work as a whole. Although the line is taken back to the bare essential it is a necessity to still maintain an element of character, an aspect which reminds her of the individual itself and allows an element of recognition to the viewer. These figural strands have always been isolated and placed in a white space yet how will these translate when introduced back into everyday life? Will they be noticed or go unnoticed?


Curator & Exhibitor | Rhian Wyn Stone

Technical Assistance | Emma Rylance & Jessica Hoad

Translation | Rhian Wyn Stone

Catalogue Design | Matthew Otten 



The Mission Gallery + Jamie Hill partnership is for the professional development of Mission Gallery volunteers.

Jamie Hill | Unit 2 Squire Court | Victoria Quay | Marina | Swansea | SA1 3XB

Opening hours

Tuesday | 9.30am – 6pm
Wednesday | 9:30am – 6pm
Thursday | 10am – 8pm
Friday | 9:30am – 7pm
Saturday | 9am – 5pm






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